Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mystery Identity Revealed!

There were many wonderful guesses as to the identity of our Mystery Person--from Omarossa and D'Angelo to Queen Latifah and Biggie Smalls--but no one was able to figure out our zaftig "Who IS This?" celeb, so here's the answer:

Yes, it's ole P. Diddy AKA Puff Daddy AKA Sean Combs AKA Fudge'ems. What's odd is that his head is so tiny in comparison with the rest of his body--he looks like the shrunken-headed explorer guy from the afterlife waiting room in "Beetlejuice."

I try to never cast aspersions about anyone's weight (glass houses, etc.), but let's just say the name Puffy has never seemed so apropos. Plus he's loathesome, and men are never held to the same standard of perfection as women in the entertainment industry, so ha ha ha HA! Fatty Fatty Fat Fat FATTY!


TrAngela said...

wow. this is more than a bad camera angle or billowy pants. Damnit, I love my little blogette!

Anonymous said...

That body must be the secret to...