Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's A Shambles, Baby!

I've kind of been ignoring the whole convoluted Kate Moss/Pete Doherty spectacle for a while due to over-exposure-induced boredom, but this little update tickled my fancy. The London Daily Mail reports that Pete recently moved into Kate's flat, and hilarity ensued:
The Babyshambles front man removed a bizarre range of items from Kate Moss's Range Rover to take into her north London home including a banjo, a babyseat, gold records and assorted coats and clothing.

Pete did his best to juggle all the items in trademark chaotic style and in fact some of the waiting photographers helped him carry the articles indoors.

As a reward for their help Doherty even serenaded the snappers with a brief rendition on the banjo once he had reemerged from the house ... minus his shirt.
OOOOH! I've got a great idea! There could be an awesome "Odd Couple"-esque reality show called "Living In Shambles," with Kate as the Felix Ungar to Pete's Oscar Madison. Just think of the comic possibilities: Kate on a street corner picking up a discarded syringe with the tip of her umbrella; Kate running around with air deodorizer behind Pete's trail of crack, weed, cigarette, cigar, and opium smoke; Kate trying to vacuum up cocaine dust left strewn about the floor--with her nose; Kate trying to use Pledge on Pete's vomit-covered banjo; etc etc.

Unfortunately, Kate doesn't really seem the neatnik type, does she?

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Anonymous said...

I read that they were at a zoo and Pete threw his used doobies into the penguin lair (nest? display area?) and was laughing about getting the penguins stoned. He's so gross!

Terri R.