Monday, March 19, 2007

Dunst Trying To Earn Her Rocker Street Cred For New Cisco Adler-style Boyfriend?

Friend of Felt Up Thomas (aka "The Kid") posted this video he took at The Stooges SXSW show here in Austin on Saturday--and lo and behold, there's Ms. Kirsten Dunst up on stage with a bunch of other people during the totally and completely awesome "No Fun" encore free-for-all.

Your humble Felt Up blogette was too entranced by the sight of local punky man-about-town/bon vivant Johnny Walker living out his wildest fantasies by having the mic handed to him by Iggy Pop (Johnny is the blonde guy in a long-sleeve yellow t-shirt tucked in to make a halter top) to notice Kiki, but she's clearly visible at the end of the footage over on the far right in her usual saggy ragamuffiny white top, long stringy hair, and wan expression.

(Warning: The audio is highly NSFW because of Iggy's lovable trademark salutations--to the "c**ksucker" lighting guy, us "f**kers" the audience, etc. Ah, bless his heart...Austin misses you already, Iggy!)

Good times!


Anonymous said...

Iggy looks great for a guy his age (85? 90?). Has anyone posted any footage of his dong? That's the kind of NSFW action I'm looking for.

Terri R.

TrAngela said...

I wait not-so-patiently for iggy dong footage with Terri. HOWEVER, Iggy will be 60 in a month (April 21, 1947). Hmmmmm.