Friday, March 02, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Still Dead

The Associated Press has an in-depth look at the Anna Nicole Smith funeral currently underway in the Bahamas:
A white hearse carrying Anna Nicole Smith's body rolled Friday toward a Bahamian church where the former Playboy Playmate and reality TV star, dressed in a beaded designer gown and tiara, was mourned before being laid to rest.

Hundreds of islanders and tourists crowded behind steel barricades, guarded by police as guests began arriving in stretch limousines. Some of the participants gushed at the sight of the white-columned Mount Horeb Baptist Church, whose pews were festooned with pink roses.

''It's beautiful, just beautiful,'' said Sheryl Rolle, 46, a choir member who wore a black dress and matching hat for the occasion...

A private plane carrying Smith's body left Florida early Friday after authorities escorted a black hearse to Miami International Airport, with news helicopters tracking the procession from the medical examiner's office in Fort Lauderdale.

The church ceremony was closed to all but 300 guests and camera crews from Entertainment Tonight. A smaller group was planned for the burial later Friday at Lakeview Memorial Gardens, said Richard Milstein, the court-appointed advocate for Smith's baby daughter, Dannielynn...

Smith will be buried in a tiara and custom-made, beaded gown next to her son, said Patrik Simpson of Beverly Hills, Calif., who helped organize the memorial.

Simpson's partner, Pol Atteu, has designed more than a dozen gowns for Smith, including the one in which she is to be buried in a ''very elegant'' casket, he said. Simpson declined to describe the dress, but said Wednesday the ceremony will reflect Smith's buoyant personality.

''It will be a very beautiful, Anna Nicole send-off,'' he said. ''Of course it will be over the top because it's Anna Nicole.''

Arthur, boyfriend Howard K. Stern and ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead were each allowed to have 100 guests at memorial service, he said, and about 30 people are on the guest list for the burial.

I loooooooove that it was only close friends, family, and a camera crew for "Entertainment Tonight." Anna Nicole would've been so pleased! She might not have been so tickled about this aspect of her funeral, however:
Dr. Joshua Perper, the Broward medical examiner, said...embalmers would have to take another look at the body to make sure it would be suitable for a viewing. He had told [crazy Judge Larry] Seidlin during the hearing that she was decomposing.

[Howard K.]Stern, [mother Virgie] Arthur and others have already viewed the body at Perper's office, and Simpson said the casket would likely be closed during the ceremony.

Yikes! Although I must note that James Brown was just laid to rest, like, last week or something insane, so I guess this whole wrangling-for-months-over-decaying-corpses thing might become a trend with certain dead celebs from now on. Wacky! And gross!

This article also says that Virgie Arthur wants to have the body exhumed and brought to Texas. Way to let your daughter rest in peace, lady! Super classy!

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