Friday, February 02, 2007

Stalking By Proxy!

Your humble Felt Up blogette is stuck in the sticks, but when her friends jet off to other places they like to report back to her (aka, rub in her face) all of the fabulous, exciting things they have seen and done. Currently, Friends of Felt Up Michele S., Stevie M., Robert A., and Joe E. are in glamorous New York City to attend the Radio City Music Hall performance by spaghetti western (and other great movie music) composer Ennio Morricone.

Last night the group swears they spotted Kurt Vonnegut while they were engaging in witty repartee and downing untold gallons of alcohol at the Alogonquin Hotel, but since they were a) away from a computer, and b) drunk as skunks, they weren't sure if he is actually alive or dead. (Answer: Alive! Huzzah!) Then today Joe E. (whom I had no idea was a fan) apparently squealed like a deranged kitten when he saw adorable Bradley Baumkircher, a contestant from the last season of that reality clothing design competition show I don't watch anymore. Bradley was wearing a "man-cape," FYI.

My weekend plans entail doing laundry and babysitting my nephew. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

At the Morricone show, Willem Dafoe tripped right in front of me and touched me as he prevented a complete fall to the ground. It was pretty dark, he was rounding a corner. He laughed it off.


sparee said...

I was probably the only one in our group who didn't see Willem Dafoe... or I should say didn't recognize him. I'm sure I saw him because based on the reports of all our friends seeing him everywhere we were inside Radio City Music Hall, he was clearly stalking me. I just couldn't remember what he looked like at the time.