Sunday, February 25, 2007

Semi-Liveblogging The Oscars

Sorry, peeps. I was totally going to liveblog the Oscars tonigt---look, I even made a nifty lil' logo:

But I'm sick as a dog, dawgs. I am missing the Academy Awards viewing party with Friends of Felt Up, and thus am not eating homemade queso and tacos, nor am I getting snockered on boozey lime drinks--you know your humble Felt Up blogette is illin' when she passes up the good times.

So I will just pop in here and there with some observations from my Bed o' Languish. First of all, so far this is the dullest Academy Awards ever. The highlights up to this point have been Alan Arkin's suprise win, Catherine Deneuve in her awesome knife-with-dripping-blood dress and the sight of Clive Owen and Daniel Craig brooding darkly in person. The dancers behind the screen are embarrasing, like a poor man's Cirque du Soleil. Also, I hear there was a Corgi onstage at one point, but I've been so bored that I've taken to flipping back and forth with the "Law and Order: SVU" marathon and missed it.

And the Best Supporting Actress goes to...Jennifer Hudson. I'm glad for her, but you know--YAWN. Ha! The backstage cam just showed her ignoring George Clooney as he tried to give her envelope.

Nicole Kidman is The Undead.

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chepo said...

I thought the dancers were cool. Short and to the point. They even did snakes on a plane.