Friday, February 23, 2007

Hustle and Blow

Ladies and gays, I have some horrible news: Terence Howard is dating Naomi Campbell. From the NY Daily News' "Gatecrasher":
It seems things are getting serious between Terrence Howard and Naomi Campbell.

You read here that he was by Naomi's side when Diddy angrily confronted her at Jermaine Dupri's post-Grammy party Feb. 11.

Now a source tells me the two plan to "come out" as a couple on Oscars night.

"Naomi's new main squeeze is Terrence," says the snitch. "They are making their debut as a couple this weekend and will attend all the Oscar parties together."

Howard was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award last year, for his role in "Hustle & Flow," but lost to Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Capote."

O Lord, why can't he just be gay like every other actor on earth? Why does he have to be "getting serious" with that horrible, horrible woman? I mean, as a figure of gossip, she is stupendous: Nasty, mean, abusive, violent, egomaniacal. But as a girlfriend for Terence "HAS ANYONE SEEN THE PREVIEWS FOR HIS 1970S BLACK SWIM TEAM MOVIE WHERE HE APPEARS IN A SPEEDO?" Howard? I mean, I knew he was a teensy bit nutsy (all part of his appeal!), but Naomi Campbell? She is physically the most perfect specimen of womanhood alive, but her heart is a shrivelled, blackened lump of coal.



Anonymous said...

This is horrid news, but her t-shirt is AMAZING.

Terri R.

impychimp said...

WHERE are the pictures of Britney pummeling the car with the umbrella???