Friday, February 16, 2007

Hair 'Em Scare 'Em

(mugshot via TMZ)

You may have already heard that convicted manicurist-abuser Foxy Brown was arrested in Florida after causing a ruckus in a beauty supply store. But the story in all its delicious glory must be read in full to really savor its fabulosity. So, from the Miami Herald, I bring you HAIRGLUEGATE '07:
It could be back to anger management for Foxy Brown.

Police say the rapper was hauled to the Broward County jail Thursday night after squirting hair glue at a beauty store owner, swearing and spitting at him, knocking over display shelves and tussling with an officer.

The charges: battery and resisting an officer -- with violence.

According to her rap sheet, it's not her first violent confrontation with a beauty professional.

Thursday's alleged smackdown happened at Queen Beauty Supply, 12105 Pembroke Rd. in Pembroke Pines. Police and the owner gave this blow by blow:

Brown showed up just before closing with a female companion, wearing a neon green jacket, jean miniskirt and knee-high stiletto boots.

She bought a squirt bottle of hair glue, then went to the bathroom at the rear of the store to apply it.

But it was closing time. Hayssam Ghoneim, the proprietor, knocked on the bathroom door and told her it was lights out.

No answer. He knocked again and became more insistent. The rapper indicated she wasn't finished with the hair glue.

'I said to her, `This is not a beauty salon. You need to leave. The store is closed,' '' Ghoneim recalled.

He said she opened the door and he grabbed it. She tried to push him out of the way, and then, spewing profanities, tried to squirt him with the glue.

She missed, but managed to get the glue all over the floor.

Brown then knocked over two display shelves of spray bottles and ''was throwing everything in sight.'' Ghoneim said. ``I was afraid it was going to get out of hand.''

According to Ghoneim, Brown declared: ``I'm going to send some guys to hurt you and the store. You're in big trouble.''

She spit on the floor and the store owner before leaving.

Roughly three minutes later, Ghoneim said, he heard loud screaming and cursing in the parking lot. He believes that was the arrest.

According to the police report, the responding officer encountered Brown in the shopping plaza and tried to get her to return to the store. Brown refused.

When the officer placed a hand on Brown's arm to escort her to the store, Brown swatted it away, then started swinging her arms and struggling with the officer. The officer had to ''utilize a takedown maneuver to gain control'' of Brown, according to the report.

There were no injuries.

Isn't that delightful? I feel for Foxy. When a bitch's wig gotta be glued, it's gotta be glued, after all. Especially when one is a SUPERSTAR of Foxy Brown's caliber. On the other hand, as a retail store owner myself, I also understand Mr. Ghoneim's pain. There are few things more aggravating than not being able to close up shop and go home when it is time. However, if I was in the same position--and knowing what I know of Foxy's past history of violence when in the presence of beauty products--I would probably let her take all the time she needed. But that's just me.

I wonder what "takedown maneuver" was used on Foxy? Did it involve a chokehold and/or tazer?

So, so awesome...

Mr. Hayssam Ghoneim holds the incriminating hair glue.
(via Miami Herald)

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