Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Denk's For The Memories

Add Anna Nicole's former bodyguard/alleged boy-toy Alexander Denk to the list of people/frozen sperm donors who might be the father of her baby Dannielynn. According to trashtacular celeb tv show "Extra":
He claims to be Anna Nicole's secret lover, and now, in this “Extra” world exclusive, a heartbroken Alexander Denk drops a bombshell about Baby Dannielynn’s real father and Anna’s secret medical condition that may have caused her death.

“She told me everything,” Denk told us. “She told me things no one else knows.”

Denk, who was Anna Nicole's bodyguard for two years, first met the supermodel when he was cast as the chef on "The Anna Nicole Show.”

“I think it was an instant spark, and I think for her it was the same,” he said.

Denk claims he and Anna had a passionate love affair that lasted for two years.

“She was wonderful,” he insisted. “A very sensitive and emotional woman. A very good kisser, I must say.”

But Alexander told “Extra” that he knew Anna was in trouble the last time he talked to her two weeks ago, a conversation that now haunts him.

“She was sick of being called names,” he said. “Everyone was bashing on her and calling her names and putting her down and suing her.”

Now, only on “Extra,” Denk breaks this stunning secret about Anna's health that could affect the investigation into her death. He claims the reality TV star suffered from life threatening seizures, for which she was on medication.

But Denk does not believe drugs were to blame for Anna Nicole’s death.

“My opinion, I don’t think so,” he told us. “I think she was exhausted.”

Then, Denk dropped the baby bombshell we never saw coming. When asked if Smith ever revealed to him the real father of Dannielynn, Denk responded, “She always told me she wanted to have her kids with me.”

So is there a possibility Denk is Dannielynn’s father?

“There’s always a possibility,” he insisted.

Oh, lordy. Dude, there's always a possibility that every creepy,money-grubbing, publicity hog douche on the planet is the baby's father.

But wait, there's less! A scandal has broken out in the Bahamas after photos surfaced of Anna Nicole canoodling with the Immigration Minister--who also might have been taking care of Dannielynn during Anna Nicole's trip to Florida. From the National Ledger:

In the continuing saga of Anna Nicole Smith’s death a Bahamian newspaper published two photographs on its front page of Anna Nicole in bed with the Bahamian immigration minister, Shane Gibson. According to reports this is the same guy who approved her application for permanent residency. TMZ first posted the pictures online and although both appear to be fully dressed the pictures are causing quite a media buzz.

Anna Nicole Smith Bahamas Scandal: Bedroom Photos Raise Questions (Image: Tribune of Nassau)
Anna Nicole Smith Bahamas Scandal: Bedroom Photos Raise Questions (Image: Tribune of Nassau)

A political scandal broke when opposition lawmakers accused Gibson of showing Smith preferential treatment by fast-tracking her request for permanent residency. He came under more scrutiny when G. Ben Thompson -- a developer from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who had dated Smith -- said he owned the house she used as the basis for her residency application. Now one can’t help but wonder exactly what was going on in the Bahams and did Anna Nicole receive ‘special’ treatment...

In yet another twist of events surrounding the Anna Nicole Smith story, it appears Dannielynn, the young daughter of Anna Nicole, was left in the care the family of Bahamian Immigration Minister Shane Gibson, during her trip to Florida.

It was reported on Friday the day after her death that a black pickup carried a crib and an infant's car seat from the Bahamas mansion Smith had been living in to Gibson's mother's house. When the unidentified driver spotted a reporter, he sped away. Gibson's mother would not come to the door of the house. Later, a crying baby could be heard inside the house. Gibson did not return calls seeking comment.

I cannot fathom how totally effed up and complicated this woman's life was. I'm having a hard time following all this. As The Dude said, this case has a lot of ins, a lot of outs--and new shit is coming to light all the time!

My head hurts.

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