Friday, February 09, 2007

Baby Daddy?

Janet Charlton
shares a pretty shocking rumor on her site today about the Anna Nicole Smith story:
Our Hollywood, Florida source visited the Hard Rock Hotel today and picked up a little information about Anna Nicole's time there. Hotel sources say that when Anna arrived a few days ago she was "out of it" and slurring her words and she stayed that way during her visit. Also it seemed that Anna was REALLY dreading the court ordered blood test for her baby - and her reasons might be far more complicated that we assumed. Someone actually speculated that the baby might not have been fathered by either Larry Birkhead OR Howard Stern. Keep in mind this is pure speculation, but this person implied that the baby could have been fathered by someone very close to Anna - someone like her own son Daniel. It's a horrible thought, but remember, Anna lived in a different world than most of us. Hopefully, the eventual blood test will prove this rumor wrong.
WHOA! That is some effed up s**t, man! I, too, hope the blood test proves this theory wrong, but if it doesn't...I don't know. Anna certainly did live "in a different world than most of us," and while it's horrible to contemplate,I'm sure it's a more common phenomenon than one would think. This case is just getting craaaazier and craaaaazier by the minute!

Also, CNN is reporting that a large amount of prescription drugs were found in her hotel room (what a shock!):
Authorities investigating Smith's death retrieved a "large amount" of prescription medicine from her hotel room, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation said. The sources did not characterize any of the drugs as illegal.
There has been rampant speculation on the interweb that the drugs they found were both legal and illegal, and though this seems to clear up that aspect of the situation, it's still possible more or different information will come out, because this whole case is so nutsy and everyone involved is running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Developing story--check back for more details as they emerge!

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