Saturday, February 03, 2007

Attack Of The Clones

So I'm here in my robe watching one of those E! "Top 100 Whatever" shows (I think this one is "Top 100 Stars Before They Were Famous Doing Embarrassing TV Commercials"), as is my wont, and I think to myself, "Huh, there's that scary-plastic-surgery fake blonde lady from "The Real Housewives of Orange County...what does she have to do with the price of tea in China?"--and I know what you're thinking: "WHICH scary-plastic-surgery fake blonde lady? Well, the one I'm talking about is Laurie Waring, the one who was poor-by-Orange-County-gated-community-standards and had the son in juvie and slutted herself up for a Playboy Mansion party last season and ended up dating Jo's hysterically douchey ex-boyfriend/Hummer-driver Slade before Jo and Slade sorta kinda got back together and this season has fallen back into riches by getting engaged to a real-estate developer--and then I see that it is not actually Laurie at all but an L.A. radio personality named Ellen K.!

Apparently this Miss K. is Ryan Seacrest's on-air DJ partner at KIIS-FM and has the same plastic surgeon as Laurie, because they look scarily alike:

Ellen K. & Laurie W.

See what I mean? It's totally creeping me out! It's like some horrible cloning disaster from "The Twilight Zone!" Blonde ladies of indeterminate age, with limited personality range, too much collagen, sillicone, orange Mystic tan, and Botox are being turned out on a plastic surgeon's conveyor belt, shoved into low-cut sparkly tops and are taking over the national airwaves! Run for your lives! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Anonymous said...

I saw a similar blonde botox lady on "The Dog Whisperer." She had a bossy Great Dane.

Terri R.

sparee said...

Got to watch some of the Real Housewives show recently and when I saw Laurie I really thought that Janine Lindemulder (Wikipedia link so it's safe for work) had somehow had all her tattoos removed.