Friday, January 12, 2007

The Tarty Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Slutty Tree

(photo via jossip)

The interweb is afire with this lil' item in today's Page Six:
WHILE Lindsay Lohan is off filming in Hollywood, her mom, Dina Lohan, is busy showing where Lindsay might have picked up her moves.

Dina, spotted in a "really short dress and boots," made some fellow diners at Kobe Club lose their appetites Wednesday night.

A guy sitting next to Dina was "all over her," we're told.

"Dina had a napkin in her lap and hiked up her dress," our source says. "The guy put his hand under her napkin . . . It went on for like five minutes."

After the guy realized he was being watched, he stopped whatever it was he was doing.

A rep for Dina said, "That's a disgusting lie and it's completely untrue."

Hmmmmmm...."disgusting lie" and "completely untrue" are p.r. talk for "highly probable" and "I saw it with my own eyes," but who knows? If it does happen to be true--and I, for one, am happy to believe every word based on absolutely nothing but my own optimistic faith in the utter sleaze of the entertainment industry--then it is definitely a case of life imitating art (or at least life imitating crappy cable tv shows), because just last week this exact scene played out on Courteney Cox's F/X show "Dirt." Coincidence? Perhaps Dina watched it and was inspired to try it out in real life, or maybe it was the opposite, maybe she is famous amongst Hollywood insiders for this particular behavior and Courteney paid a wee homage to Mrs. Lohan on the show.

Much like the Zapruder film and the assassination of JFK, we may never know the whole truth...

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