Monday, January 22, 2007

Return to The Shire

Am I completely crazy or is that Talia Shire, Hollywood royalty (played Connie Corleone in all three "Godfather" movies and yo! Adrian in the "Rocky" movies, is the sister of Francis Ford Coppola, mother of Jason Schwartzman, aunt of Sofia Coppola and Nicolas Cage, and is the ex-wife of film composer David Shire), in that totally awesome Geico "caveman-in-therapy" commercial?

Apparently whoever wrote her Wikipedia entry believes it is her, but I don't trust anything I read on the interweb unless it involves cocaine-fueled catfights, diva meltdowns, or gay orgies in famous actors' hot tubs. Anyway, here's the ad, judge for yourself:

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chepo said...

that's talia.