Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not Digging The Dirt

Last night at Felt UP HQ we watched the premiere of the new F/X network show "Dirt," starring Miss Courteney Cox as the editor of a trashy celeb tabloid magazine. Sadly, our viewing party was somewhat disappointed by the lack of joie de vivre in the program--although the scenes of a basketball star getting "pegged" (your demure and innocent Felt Up blogette had to have it explained to her by her more worldy friends Richard M. and Terri R.), champers drunk out of a blonde's vanaynay, cocaine-sniffing-in-a-hot tub-while-pregnant, public manual stimulation of a girlfriend, and a stungun to the 'nads of a be-white-belted Proust reader/rocker/bartender--almost made up for the overall grimness of the proceedings.

This show lacks that certain campy over-the-top fun that makes fellow F/X naughty naughtikin show "Nip/Tuck" so enjoyable. An especially bad move was to make the paparazzo character a paranoid schizophrenic sadsack, played by British actor Ian Hart (Professor Quirrell in "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone," John Lennon in "Backbeat" --dear god the English age badly!). The world wants to hate and loathe the paparazzi (which is probably exactly why the show decided to make him sympathetic--it's a twist, see?), but the beatings and various horrible things inflicted on this pathetic character (such as his beloved cat dying of cancer) are just a huge enormous buzzkill bummer, man.

I predict we will watch this show for a few more episodes, if only to see what kinds of kinky sexscapades they can come up with. But right now it's not looking too good...I want "Dirt" to be dirtier, yes, but mostly I want it to be more trashy fun. TRASHY FUN, I SAY!

Grade: C (for champagne in the cooch!)/C- (cat that died!)

Ian Hart and Janice Dickinson--wait! No, that's Courteney Cox!--in a scene from "Dirt."


Anonymous said...

>>Champers drunk out of a blonde's >>vanaynay, cocaine-sniffing-in-a-hot >>tub-while-pregnant, public manual >>stimulation of a girlfriend, and a stungun >>to the 'nads of a be-white-belted Proust >>reader/rocker/bartender

Sounds like they wrote the episode about a typical Nagel practice.


TrAngela said...

Perez is going to be on an episode now. Ugh. I don't know what to think.