Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nicole's Face Is Becoming an Urban Legend

This picture of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, which I got from Janet Charlton, intrigues me not because of the story behind it (Nikeith are still together despite rehab and that skanky slut's story of a drunken druggy affair with Urban after he'd married Kidman), but because Nicole looks so much freakier when you see her in a "normal" environment, such as this amusement park or whatever it is, than on the red carpet, where she is usually surrounded by similarly Botoxed/surgered/butchered/starved celebs and you don't notice her weirdness as much. She is a grotesque! No wonder Keith Urban went off the wagon--he was trying not to focus too much on that terrible, horrifying monster lying next to him every morning.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Run for your lives! Nicole Kidman's hideous visage is loose and roaming free among us humans!



Anonymous said...

this is a weird picture, but who knows? you can't judge a person by a split second exposure. I wish Keith and Nicole every happiness.

jennifer said...

Oh, I think I CAN judge a person by a split second exposure--I do it all the time! Also, have you seen Nicole in those Chanel ads? EEEEEEEEK! Alien invasion!

But thanks for the nice sentiment, Anonymous.