Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Next We're Going To Find Out That E.V.O.O. Really Stands for Ethnic Violent Overthrow of Oprah

Some truly scurrilous gossip has emerged about Rachael Ray, the congenitally annoying tv cook/talk show host/ruler of a vast media empire that includes her face on boxes of Triscuits brand snack crisps, and as Rachael would bellow, it's delish! TMZ is reporting that in late '05, Ray said some nasty things about Brangelina and made mean comments of a racial nature about OPRAH, the person who ended up syndicating her talk show and is the Goddess of Everything and will one day condemn puny lil' Rachael to the bowels of purgatory if any of this ends up being true, which of course, is up for debate:
Perky talk show host Rachael Ray made disparaging racial remarks about the woman who gave Ray her big shot at daytime TV -- none other than Oprah Winfrey, according to TMZ sources. It's a shocking account of a dinner that occurred during the period that the show was being sold.

Rewind to December 3, 2005. Ray was at the Century City Shopping Mall in Los Angeles for a book signing. Reps from King World, the production company that was syndicating the show, were shooting the event for its sales presentation.

At around 7:00 PM, Ray, along with seven others, went to Houston's Restaurant in the mall. They sat in a booth in the far right rear of the restaurant. Ray ordered fish and complained to the table it was dry. She Oprah's Portrait from was also drinking red wine and lots of it -- one source says a minimum of four big glasses.

We're told Ray became "extremely loud and aggressive," and began dissing Oprah. Sources say she told the group about a portrait of Oprah that sits in the lobby of Harpo Productions in Chicago. It's from the movie "Beloved" and shows Winfrey's back, enhanced with scars. She's also wearing a skirt from the slavery era.

Back at the table, sources say Ray launched into attack mode: "Why is she wearing slave drag? She obviously has problems being black."

But Oprah wasn't Ray's only target. Sources say she told the group how much she liked Jennifer Aniston. and then called Brad Pitt a "pussy boy." But her harshest comments were reserved for Angelina Jolie, calling her "a skanky, backdoor c**t."

TMZ contacted the Director of Publicity for Rachael Ray, Charlie Dougiello, who said, "Rachael did attend the dinner referenced and enjoyed wine and good conversation with friends and colleagues. She denies making any of the comments referenced. In fact, there are several words that are attributed to Rachael that she has never uttered in her life."

Dougiello added, "Neither in public nor in private has Rachael made a disparaging or cruel remark about her friend and mentor, Oprah, nor a celebrity couple she has never even met."

Dougiello also said, "There were several associates of Rachael's at that table who, unprompted, agreed that Rachael never made any of the comments she is being accused of making... and it seems very convenient that these accusations are being levied at a time when Rachael's success has focused the public eye on her."

Actually, the timing of these accusations is a little weird to me, despite what Mr. Charlie Dougiello says. Why now? I don't see how anyone gains by this coming out after the negotiations were completed, and the fact that this was over a year ago seems suspiciously odd. I guess the Rachael Ray backlash is bigger than anyone realized. However, I am more than willing to a)engage in wild, possibly libelous gossip about anything and anyone, and b) believe everything I read on the interweb about celebrities.

Actually, the stuff she says about Brad-n-Angie kind of gives validity to the whole thing, if you ask me. Because not only is it totally true that Brad Pitt is a pussy boy and Angelina a skanky c***t, but of she had only gone on about Oprah, I might not believe this, but the fact that she was kind of "on a roll," sloshing around in red wine and dissing famous people left and right, well, that has the air of truth about it.

On the other hand, Rachael Ray's intensely grating voice can be heard over a live Motorhead concert, so I find it hard to believe no other diner or employee heard this conversation and reported it to the nearest Us Weekly representive immediately.

Like the alien spaceships being held by the US government at Roswell, we may never know the whole truth, but it sure is fun to speculate!

As Rachael likes to scream, yum-mo!

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