Monday, January 15, 2007

Liveblogging The Golden Globes!

7:01 PM The 64th Annual Golden Globes Award Begin!

George Clooney presenting Best Supporting Actress In A Movie...And the winner is...Jennifer Hudson! So cute! Her hair is bigger than Clooney's entire body. ..She looks classy and sassy...dress semi-sacklike, though...great makeup....Beyonce showing camera totally fake tears (Oscar w0rthy!)...dedicates award to Florence Ballard (real-life Supreme who died in poverty like her character in "Dreamgirls)...class-act all the way!

Justin Timberlake giving out Best Original Song from a Movie...more Beyonce...penguins...Sheryl Crow for some movie I've never heard of...and it's Prince for the penguin movie! JT looks Prince..accepting on behalf of Prince, JT now pretending to be Prince by scrunching himself down and gettin' short...shocked gasp from audience! (dissing Prince? oooh, aaaahh!)

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