Friday, January 12, 2007

Lawyers, Gunns, and Money

(photo via Queerty)

Friend of Felt Up TrAngela sent in a report from Broadcasting and Cable that says that America's Sweetheart Tim Gunn (from that reality fashion competition show that's dead to me) is getting his very own show on Bravo! Huzzah!
Tim Gunn's Guide to Style will profile Gunn as he solves people's fashion dilemmas by helping them get makeovers. While it's still unresolved whether Gunn will return to _______ for its fourth season, his own show debuts as he is set to publish a book on style and taste in May 2007.

Sadly, when one door opens another door closes, and it looks like Bravo has finally cancelled "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy":
Bravo's pulling the plug on Queer Eye after five seasons and four years on TV. The show's ten-episode fifth season, which debuts this summer, will be its last, the network was expected to tell television critics today at a presentation in Pasadena, Calif...

Queer Eye put Bravo on the map when it debuted to huge ratings and critical acclaim in 2003, but has fallen off in the ratings since then. Queer Eye: The Final Season will showcase for one last time the Fab Five making over deserving subjects.

But don't cry for them, Argentina, because at least Queer Eye cutie Thom Filicia is getting his own home makeover show on the Style network called "Dress My Nest" beginning March 28, and I'm sure with all their charm and talent the others will have no trouble landing on their tv feet, except maybe Jai, who has no discernible lifestyle skills and should go back to Broadway tapdancing or whatever his previous career was--although I would totally watch a tapdancing reality competition show called "Tap Into America" (yes, that is a "Spinal Tap" shout out), or pehaps, "Top Tap" or even "Hoofin' It Up!" hosted by Jai and Gregory Hines and featuring such judges as Debbie Reynolds and Ann Miller....Bravo, give me a production deal! These are pieces of gold I'm giving away for free! Pure, solid gold!

In other Bravo news, appparently Paula Abdul (!) is getting her own reality show called "Hey Paula" (pleasepleaseplease let it be a "Breaking Bonaduce"-style document of her trainwreck of a personal life!) and there's going to be a hairstyling competition show called "Shear Genius" hosted by Miss Jaclyn Smith! Double huzzah!

(photo via the Jaclyn Smith gallery from the totally awesome "Charlie's Angels" Spanish fansite, which is worth a look for the great pictures)

Bravo, you own my heart and my soul forever--or at least for the next tv-viewing season!


TrAngela said...

It'll be hard to tap with Gregory Hines. He's no longer with use.

PS: I do have a signed photo AND my own pic with Jai. And yes, you're right. He should go back to tapping and not fall victim to the dregs of reality TV stars - CelebReality on VH1. Then, I would die, in the bad way.

A full show of Tim is the best thing that ever happened.

jennifer said...

Crap, you're righ--tragically, Gregory Hines is not alive. However, his tapdancing brother Maurice Hines IS still among the living (I think). I saw Maurice on the streets of NYC once and almost peed my pants--but no one I know had any idea who he was. Philistines! Did no one see "The Cotton Club"?

Lucinda said...

Sorry baby, Ann Miller has kicked it too. Not a lot of hoofers around these days unless you count CG penguins.

jennifer said...

CRAP. Do I really want to live in a world without Ann Miller?