Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jennifer Aniston's New Headlights Are Not On Her Car

Jennifer Aniston's appearance at the People's Choice Awards a couple of days ago has started rampant interweb speculation that she a) got a new rack implanted or b) employs a stylist who is an absoulute wizard with double-sided tape, padding, pixie dust, black magic, and the art of mass hypnosis. From the UK's Daily Mail via Gawker:
As she stepped out to accept an award at a ceremony on Tuesday evening (January 9) her cleavage looked far fuller and more buoyant than in previous years.

Her astonishingly buxom appearance sparked a rumour at the People's Choice Awards that Aniston had paid a visit to a plastic surgeon for her impressively curvaceous figure.

But an expert has said it is possible that the actress has managed to achieve her busty look with clever padding and a shrewd use of adhesive tape.

I agree that Jen's dirty pillows looked more "buoyant"--she could probably tread water for a week without getting her hair wet. But since this one shot of her is the only one I've seen, I will reserve judgment on whether or not she got her lady lumps blowed up with implants.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop, so to speak. Ba dum dum! Hotcha! I'm here all week, folks. Try the veal!

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Shannon said...

I was flipping through a magazine a couple of weeks ago while in the checkout line at the store, and they showed two photos of Aniston in tank tops -- one from a week before, one from a month before that. The ladyparts were DEFINITELY larger in the week-old photo. I guess in Hollyweird, when your husband leaves you for a twice-divorced "former" weirdo and your first boyfriend afterward fools around with a college student who then e-mails everyone about it, you start calling the surgeons.