Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I'm Doing Lines

I can't believe I'm spending almost all my blogging time these days writing about Marilyn Manson, but here I am, about to do yet another post about this guy. Why do the gossip gods hate me?

Anyway, the peeps at Gawker are speculating that a recent Page Six blind item is all about Marilyn Manson and Angelina Jolie. Here's the orginal tidbit from the NY Post:
WHICH Tinseltown sex siren with a humanitarian streak has resumed her old habit of dabbling with heroin? She paid a recent visit to an old rock star friend and joined him in narcotic stupor.

The Angelina Jolie part is pretty easy to figure out, but how did they get Manson? Weeeeelll, in today's Page Six, there was this:
Another Manson-watcher tells Page Six he's also close pals with Brad Pitt's paramour, Angelina Jolie - who caught up with the rock star when she was in L.A. a little over five months ago.

"They've known each other for a long time," said our source, "since she was way more wild than she is now - they are still good friends, though."

As any gossip-addict knows, it is kind of a tradition among gossip-mongers to give hints about a blind item rumor in a later (or sometimes even the same) column. And I, for one, am more than ready to believe that Angelina's baby weight didn't just drop off from breast-feeding and a strict diet of Cambodian broth, Brad Pitt's blood, and her brother's spit.

But I ask again: HOW DOES MARILYN MANSON DO IT? Surely there are plenty of other, more attractive people in L.A. to do drugs with. What is going on? Is it another sign of the apocolypse? After the sea turns red and the frogs drop out of the sky, do the movie actresses shoot smack with an asexual addict/former faux freak from Florida? (How about that alliteration, eh? But I digress.)

Only time will tell if this is, indeed, The End. Only time will tell...

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