Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is The Bromance Over?

The technical problem mentioned in the last post seems to stem from the fact that the ancient computer at my work (where we just got the interweb--woohoo! hotcha! huzzah!) won't enable all of Blogger's super-keen features; thus, whenever a post appears in the future without the usual bells-n-whistles (links, bold or italic text, etc) you will be able to tell that your humble Felt Up blogette is being naughty on the clock. Whenever things are blinged out as usual, loyal readers will know that I am at Felt Up HQ. Stalkers, take note!

Now back to empty, meaningless business as usual!

There seems to be trouble in paradise for mucho macho amigos Jeremy "Outdoor Yoga in India Changed My Inner Self Forever" Piven and John "When Did I Stop Being Cute?" Cusack. According to the Associated Press, Piven's success has challenged Cusack's alpha male status to the point that their close, personal, uber-hetero male friendship has been damaged and, perhaps, destroyed:
Jeremy Piven played second banana to his friend John Cusack until his recent breakthrough in HBO's "Entourage," winning an Emmy Award last year for his role as sharklike agent
Ari Gold.

Now Piven and Cusack, who studied acting at Chicago's Piven Theatre Workshop, which was run by Piven's parents, appear to be on the outs, or so Piven suggests in an interview in the February issue of Best Life magazine, on newsstands Friday.

"No comment. I mean, you could fill in the blank, I bet," the 41-year-old actor says when asked how Cusack has handled Piven's recent success.

Piven played supporting roles to Cusack in films such as "Say Anything," "Gross Pointe Blank" and "Runaway Jury" before getting his big break on "Entourage."

"... I was always proud of him, and I was always in his corner," Piven says of the 40-year-old Cusack. "Always."

The Associated Press was attempting Tuesday to reach a representative for Cusack, who stars in "Grace Is Gone," which will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, later this month.

Piven, who co-stars with Ben Affleck in the upcoming film "Smokin' Aces," a Universal Studios release, says he values loyalty.

"It just says so much about a person if he has space for other people's success," he says.

"I have always been so proud of my friends' success. I own that proudly because I come by it naturally. I was raised on that spirit of collaboration. ... You start getting into trouble in life when you start comparing and contrasting your life to anyone else's. You don't win when you do that."

Oh, Piven. Piven, Piven, PIVEN. I bet the problems started right around the time you got those hairplugs of yours (which, by the way, dude, those of us who know of your pre-"Entourage" ouvre are neither blind nor completely retarded--we remember your hairline in "PCU" and "Say Anything" and it was at least four inches behind your current forehead; I can't believe you won't just admit to your follicularly-challenged status! be a man! but I digress....), which was approximately when John Cusack started his slow, agonizing morph from Thinking Girl's Heartthrob/Alterna-Dreamboat to Unlikable Puffy-Faced Arrogant Jerk.

Anyhoo, it's totally hysterical that these two banty roosters can't strut around the same chicken coop anymore because their egos can't handle it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if L.A.'s obnoxious store Kitson ever prints up some t-shirts about this (and believe me, they just might), my spectacular chest will be wearing Team Piven, because at least he is still capable of being somewhat amusing, especially when he's doing the downward-facing dog in a park with a yoga guru in India. The only Cusack I'm rooting for these days is Joan, who can do no wrong in my book, she is a genius and a national treasure.

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Their older sister Ann is beautiful.