Friday, January 26, 2007

Fashion And Music: Felt Up's Raison D'Etre! (Besides Trashy Gossip, Of Course)

The original Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers has a new fashion blog up called Fashionista, and it's just as silly, funny, and fun as you would expect, including a snippet about the sudden proliferation of white Converse high-tops in NYC, a featurette on the Scissor Sisters' stylist, and a reader's submitted picture of her Karl Lagerfeld M&M (from the "Become an M&M" site):

It's fashion writing for people who don't take fashion too seriously. Felt Up says check it out.

Also, a little shameless plug for Band of Felt Up Nagel (yes, after that Nagel): Take a looksee at our MySpace page, which is chockfull of exciting photos (featuring a dazzling lead singer!), downloadable mp3s, and Patrick Nagel imagery galore.

And Austin metroplex area peeps, take note: Nagel is making a rare live appearance on Friday, Feb. 9th at Red's Scoot Inn on E. 4th Street, with The Dresses, Alright Tonight, and Yellow Fever. Nagel goes on at 10pm.

And don't worry, I'll be sure and plug this show about a gazillion more times. Huzzah!

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