Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is It Over For Fabrizidrew?

The word from Felt Up bible Us Weekly is that Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for The Strokes, have either broken up or are "taking a break," depending on your point of view:

Actress Drew Barrymore may be on the cover of the latest Harper's Bazaar gushing about her boyfriend of five years, Fabrizio Moretti, 26, but Us Weekly has learned that the 31-year-old actress has ended her relationship with the Strokes drummer.

“Drew said they needed time off,” a source close to the actress tells Us.

Confirms a Moretti pal, “Fab is now living back in his old apartment.”

The pair – who hooked up in April 2002 – seemed a good match on the surface, friends say.

“Drew has always had a taste for subculture,” Barrymore pal Courtney Love tells Us.

But they had suffered some rocky times. Tongues wagged when she skipped the February 2005 nuptials of Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas; months later, the duo got in a public tiff in Santa Monica, California.

In fact, “she broke up with him twice before this,” says a Barrymore insider.

At issue? Clashing personalities.

“He’s younger, and she’s more worldly,” says a source of Barrymore. “He doesn’t like the Hollywood stuff. He doesn’t get her friends.”

But don’t count them out just yet, adds the source. “This is exactly what happened last time they took a break.”

I have no idea if the Fab Two made a good couple or not, but he is without a doubt the best looking person she has ever been involved with--that girl has the worst taste in men I've seen since Lindsay Lohan. I would rather drown in a locked car in a dark lake than spend five minutes married to Tom Green, let me tell you.

I have the feeling they'll get back together, but what do I know? With her history, Drew could be having a torrid affair with Carrot Top or Emo Phillips...shudder.

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I actually think Drew's first husband (she was married to a bar owner or bartender or something for like, a week), was pretty cute. Not in a hipster Fabrizio way, but in a strait-laced sort of way.

What if Drew starts a romance with Marilyn Manson?

Terri R.