Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Britney's K-Fed DoppelBANGER

Well, Britney Spears definitely has a type. According to, the above is a photo of Brit Brit and latest boy toy/K-Fed lookalike after a boating date:
On first glance it almost looked like Britney Spears and her estranged husband Kevin Federline were reuniting.

On Saturday, Spears was spotted zipping around off Marina del Rey on a private powerboat with a guy whose buff body, carefully groomed stubble, low-slung, underwear-flashing jeans, and kerchief were straight out of Federline's style book. But the singer's new companion is actually model-actor Isaac Cohen, 25.

During their day on the water, a bikinied Spears appeared relaxed and content to enjoy the California sun and share an occasional warm hug with Cohen. The next night she and her new guy turned up at the W Hotel's Whiskey Blue bar in Westwood, Calif.

Cohen "is not a player," his agent at L.A. Models, Brandi Lord, tells PEOPLE. "He's got a great heart and a good family, and he was raised well. He's a gentleman."

Over at ohnotheydidnt, they posted these pictures of the gentleman with the great heart and great family getting fake tattoos for a fashion show (which I found via the WOW Report):

In the first one Isaac looks pretty, like, hott, but in the second one he has kind of a Vincent Gallo-meets-Borat vibe that doesn't do much for me.

Ohnotheydidnt also put up a link to Isaac's MySpace page, but it's been taken down, apparently. The only thing left was his MySpace name ("hebroo"), sign (Capricorn) and the fact that--get this--he "doesn't want kids." Hee hee, har de har har!

(via justjared)

I give it a week. Anyone care to wager?


Anonymous said...

Funny that you put photos with the kids up there. I often wonder if she remembers how much she once professed to wanting to be a mom. Does CPS watch the kids while she and KFedEx separately party the night away?

TrAngela said...

Oh BSpears. How you continue to entertain me each and every day.

Please go home and introduce yourself to your kids. But take a shower first and put out the ciggie.

Anonymous said...

I'll take that wager. She stayed with Kfed for 2 years and 2 babies. I say, she'll stay with this dude for 3 years and 3 babies until he cheats on her with 3 skanks.