Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bravo Is Driving Me To Drink (More)

A couple of posts back your humble Felt Up blogette waxed poetic about the non-villain status of Marcel, the swirly-haired pompous dork on "Top Chef" who was held down by a fellow contestant attempting to shave his hair off and then later, in real life, was bonked on the head with a bottle in a bar.


Sooooo, guess who ended up in The Final Two on the first part of "Top Chef"'s season finale last night? Yep, along with Ilan, it's the wee foam-obsessed "avant garde" cuisinist/white rapper/total dweeb. And even though I still say Marcel is not a true "villain" (compared to the sundry real villains who can be found on every reality show out there), I am totally outraged that he beat Elia and especially Sam to be in the final running for Top Chef. I just hate it that on these Bravo reality competition shows they don't take into consideration at all who won the previous challenges! Sam and Ilan won the most quickfire and elimination challenges--which is way, way more than Marcel--and yet that wasn't not taken into account. It's like why even declare a winner of those challenges at all? Really, it's just about not getting thrown off--winning doesn't have any real meaning whatsoever. If that's the case, then they should offer more prizes during the course of the show--like Betty's fancy knife--so that at least the winners get something of value. Consistent good work is simply not rewarded, and that totally sucks.

I grant that Marcel's food at this last challenge may have been superior to Sam's, but it was not superior during the rest of the season and that is why I am outraged--outraged, I say!--that Sam is not in The Final Two and Marcel is.

OK, I'm done now. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

I've only seen the last 15 minutes, but I feel that the final two should have been Sam and Marcel. I thought what Elia and Ilan tried to do at the end (accusing Marcel of cheating with no concrete examples) was ridiculous. Also, I've read that Ilan used a lot of recipes/dishes from the restaurant he works at during the course of the season for various challenges, which isn't showing that much creativity. Also, in the hierarcy of chefs, doesn't Marcel have a higher ranking than Ilan (master chef vs. line chef or something like that)? I don't really care who wins, Sam is an unlikeable weasel, Elia is a whiner, Ilan is a turd, and Marcel is a dork. This season sucks, anyway. If Marcel wins, it will be because Bravo wants to avoid a lawsuit from him for Clippergate.

Terri R.

Aponia said...

I thought I was the only one outraged at this! Sam seemed like a complete shoe-in for the final, hell, for winning it! He's been consistently good over the course of this entire season, which is more I can say for Marcel. And the absolute worst part is that the judges liked his final dish! Sure, he didn't re-create the wheel or anything, but everyone raved about it initially! And if I remember correctly they didn't seem to like Ilan's desert at all!
At the end of the show they have a little disclaimer saying that the choices of the judges can be overruled by the production company, and I'm nearly 100% sure this is what has happened. Because I'm sure watching Ilan and Marcal duke it out would be much more entertaining then Ilan and Sam being perfectly hospitable to each other.
I still have yet to decide if I'll boycott the finale. Its just not the same without Sam!