Friday, January 05, 2007

Blondes Have, Perhaps, Too Much Fun

Here at Felt Up, we try to constantly update this site with new and exciting features for your payment-free entertainment, education, and delight. To that end, we are proud to present the first new creation of 2007, a little section called:

In this edition, we shall peruse two blonde-headed trouble-makers in their very recent public appearances. First up is everyone's favorite underpantless mommy of two, Ms. Britney Spears:

(Photo via the NY Post, which called Brit Brit "puffy," "bloated," "haggard," and an "oldie.")

Compare and contrast with blowsy ole broad Courtney Love:

There is something really, really wrong with Courtney's nose--she looks like a blonde Hedda Nussbaum. Friend of Felt Up TrAngela (who brought this photo to Felt Up's attention) wondered if maybe La Love has undergone a bit of reconstructive nasal passage surgery (why on earth would she need that? heh!) which is nothing but dangerous speculation and hearsay--huzzah!

So, loyal readers of Felt Up:

Who looks worse?

It's totally Britney, ya'll!
Courtney is a man, man!

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TrAngela said...

According to our "Friend" Perez, she had surgery in Paris to "deflate" her lips and some sort of reconstruction on her nose. Her quote involves something about "looking human."

Crazy and plastic surgery, back in harmony. My cup runeth over.

Anonymous said...

I voted that Courtney looks worse. I came to this decision by asking myself, "Which of these hags would you have sex with, if forced to choose between that or death?" And I think I'd rather have sex with Britney.

Terri R.

impychimp said...

since when does courtney love look like allison krauss???