Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And Now It's Miller Time!

By now probably every man, woman and child with access to the interweb has seen this photo, but just in case--because it's just that good--here it is: The Sienna Miller Underpants-As-Pants Picture:

It kind of makes you feel warm and centered and optimistic about your place in the grand scehme of human existence, doesn't it? Because no matter how bad your day has been, no matter how many times you had to pull your skirt out of your pantyhose or hoist your saggy britches up over your muffin top or pick toilet paper off your shoe that you trailed around for an hour or so, you most likely did not step out of your movie premiere party (at which Anna Wintour was present!) and into the harsh light of the paparazzi's flashbulbs to be photographed by the world press in your shiny black tights and lycra granny panties with nothing else on top.

Unless you happen to be Chloe Sevigny; then, uh, you know, it's a possibility.

UPDATE: I just came across this delightful picture of Posh Spice in one of her god-awful alien get-ups over at Janet Charlton's website:

..and thought we could play a special British Bad Fashion edition of:

I'm having trouble with my poll maker, so please leave your thoughts as tow which lassie looks worsie, Sienna or Posh, in the comments box, please!


jim said...

The parity of sheer uglitude here is truly worthy of Gravol ... but I'm going wwwwwwith - Posh for 500, Alex!

Sienna does at least lack that narcolepsy-chic "Please Kill Me Now" moue - & both HER legs are the same colour!

Anonymous said...

Well, while I do adore the spectacle that is Posh and her wardrobe, I have to say that she looks way worse than Sienna. Sienna, at least, looks HUMAN.

Terri R.

porkmuffin said...

ri agree with the comments above: Posh looks worse.