Monday, December 04, 2006

A Reason To Live!

Lately I've been noticing ads for Bravo's new interior design contest/reality show "Top Design," and I keep thinking that the guy they feature looks a lot like Felt Up fave rave Todd Oldham--but the ads never mention his name. It has been driving me mad. Mad, I say! Finally, a very dim lightbulb went off above my head, and it dawned on me that perhaps that interweb might have some answers, and sure enough, has a page devoted to "Top Design." Apparently the show is basically "Project Runway" but with interior designers instead of fashion designers:
In “Top Design,” high pressure, eccentric personalities and creative egos combine to fuel the next big hit in competition reality. Aspiring and professional interior design contestants will converge and compete in a series of challenges to create the “Top Design” while living in a decked-out studio loft as they are inspired and critiqued by professionals who are leaders in their chosen field.

So exciting! Not only was I totally right and it is hosted by Mr. Todd Oldham, the lead judge is none other than Felt Up's other fave rave Jonathan Adler! (Not sure who he is? Check out is website and weep, weep bitter tears for all the lovely, humorous and jaunty little objets that he makes for the sole purpose of breaking my heart. Oh, and he is one half of a design power-couple: His boyfriend is Simon Doonan--Barney's window-dresser extraordinaire, author, and perennial guest on VH1 nostalgia shows. Love him! ) O.M.G.! Felt Up designer heaven! (By the way, if any anonymous admirers out there are wondering what token of their esteem they can get for the blogette who has nothing, here's a suggestion. Oh, and here's another. And what do you know? Yet another!)

Jonathan Adler, Simon Doonan, and their Norwich terrier, Liberace.

Todd Oldham with a poster of his bff, Amy Sedaris in "Jerri Blank" drag.

There are also some other judges I have never heard of.

The how will air Wednesdays starting in January at 10/9 central. Wheeeeeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

What about that Jonathan Adler pillow with the "Disco Lady" face? It is so obviously Liza Minelli!!

I'm crossing my fingers that Simon Doonan will be a guest judge on an episode of "Top Design"! And, can they somehow find room for Tim Gunn as well?

Terri R.

Sharon said...

I looove Simon Doonan! Have you read his book Wacky Chicks Life Lessons from Fearlessly Inappropriate and Fabulously Eccentric Women? The Amy Sedaris section alone is worth it.