Saturday, December 09, 2006

My (Other) Girl Wants To Barfy All The Time, Barfy All The Time

Just in time for the holidays: More tales of le vomit by celebs in public. Huzzah! This time it's everyone's favorite preserved-in-wax ancient supermodel, Janice Dickinson. According to Janet Charlton:
Salespeople at a certain fancy shop on Robertson WINCED when they saw Janice Dickinson headed for the store recently. On her last visit to the shop she was described as" falling down drunk" - she made a loud scene- and after she left, they discovered she had puked all over their bathroom and left without saying a word about it. Disgruntled employees had to clean it up.

So they were surprised to see her return as if nothing had happened. She piled up about $25,000 worth of clothing on the counter that she wanted for 'her TV show" She said "We'll pick these up tomorrow." She didn't come back.

But three weeks later she returned and started pulling things again, demanding a "celebrity discount." No discount. On top of that, her credit card was declined as over the limit. She could only purchase to a few small items. Once more, employees had to put back all the clothing she had piled on the counter.

Imagine what the people on Janice's TV show have to go through!

Imagine what Janice's children have to go through! Oh, Janice. Don't go changin'. We love your gaunt, pukey, entirely non-organic being!

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