Thursday, December 14, 2006

Insert "Golden Globes" Breast Joke Here!

Well, the Golden Globe nominations were announced today, and as usual, I am rooting for the underdogs: I'm thrilled to see that Marky Mark got recognition for his supporting actor work in "The Departed," Chiwetel Ejiofor who was so brilliant in "Dirty Pretty Things" was nominated for best actor in a musical/comedy for "Kinky Boots" (I think Chepo P. and I are the only people on earth who saw that one in the theater), Felt Up Fave Rave Emeritus Peter O'Toole got a best dramatic actor nomination for "Venus" (which hasn't been released here in the sticks yet, I'm pretty sure), and former sadsack actor Ben Affleck got a best supporting dramatic actor nod for his turn as sadsack actor George Reeves in "Hollywoodland." Huzzahs all around, boys!

I'm also glad for those who are either new to the whole movie star thing or are old-timers given another shot, like Jennifer Hudson in "Dreamgirls" (although she was supposed to be up for best actress, and Beyonce got that nomination instead), Eddie Murphy for best actor in "Dreamgirls," everyone's crush Helen Mirren for best actress in "The Queen" (sadly, no "Best Performance of Peeing on a Royal Garden by a Corgi" award), totally hot for some unknown reason Forrest Whitaker for best dramatic actor in "The Last King of Scotland," and Emily Blunt for best comedy supporting actress in "The Devil Wears Prada."

I'm not so excited by the numerous big guns who got their perennial turn at awards glory: Jack Nicholson for best ham in "The Departed," Renee Zellweger for squinty starving sourpus in "Miss Potter," and Leonardo DiCaprio for his two--count 'em two!--best dramatic actor nominations for annoyingly baby-faced and nasally (but apparently brilliant, I have to admit) roles in "The Departed" and "Blood Diamond."

I'm also less than thrilled with the ommission of Jackie Earle Haley, who came back from career death (he languished for years after a wonderful start in "The Bad News Bears," "Breaking Away," and--don't laugh!-- "Losin' It") with critically acclaimed supporting roles in "All The King's Men" and "Little Children." I hope this doesn't mean he's lost any hope of an Oscar nomination or further acting roles in Hollywood. I heart Jackie Earle!

There were also a bunch of TV nominations, but since "Arrested Development" went off the air, I've totally lost interest.

To see the full list go here. And start ordering the champers and (bargain bin) caviar for the viewing party!


Anonymous said...

Marky Mark!!!!!! He stole that movie!!!! Go, Marky Mark, go! Isn't it time he's recognized for his work in David O. Russell movies? And for being Dirk Diggler!? Sheesh.

And, I don't want to say it, but Leo was really good in "The Departed." Shhhh. Don't tell anyone I said that.

Terri R.

jennifer said...

Your secret is safe with me, Terri R., although I'm fairly certain the cat is out of the bag about Leo being a really good actor, damn him.