Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gunn Control

You know that show that is dead to me now? Well, here's yet another reason to stop watching it. From
Perhaps Project Runway's Tim Gunn should take his own advice and "Make it work."

The Bravo TV star may not be joining judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors and host Heidi Klum (who also executive produces the show) when Runway returns for its fourth season, Entertainment Weekly reports in its new issue.

His responsibilities as chair of the fashion design department at New York City's Parsons school, where Gunn, 53, has worked for 23 years, make him unavailable for filming during the academic year.

Last season – which resulted in a win by____________– began shooting after the end of a semester. Next season's schedule reportedly has not been locked in.

"As we have in past seasons, we will find a way to work around everyone's schedules, and are confident the team will be back," said Sarah Rothman, a spokeswoman for The Weinstein Company, which produces the show.

Gunn's good-natured mentoring of the Runway contestants has made him a fan favorite – and the feeling is mutual. "I'm the luckiest man on earth," he told People earlier this year about his newfound fame.

OK, obviously it is not a sure thing that Tim won't be returning, but the fact that the producers would even consider for one single second doing the show without him proves how out of touch and deluded they are. Tim Gunn is the heart and soul of that show, and without him it will lose the tiny shred of credibility it has left.

What hubris to think they can carry on without him!

Hubris, I say!

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TrAngela said...

I will NOT be a part of a PR sans Tim. This is completely outrageous. They should ALL know better.