Friday, December 15, 2006

Caged Heat!

Entertainment Weekly's website has this little tidbit today about Martha Stewart's interview on "The Howard Stern Show" on Sirius Radio. EW calls her a "badass," because apparently Martha not only held her own and didn't get freaked out by Howard's usual overly-personal questioning, she really gave as good as she got, especially when asked about her time in women's prison. Here's an excerpt:
When Stewart mentioned that she’d like to go out on more dates, Stern said, “But I thought you wanted me.” She responded, “I did. But then I met you.”

When he pressed on about prison life -- “Who came on to you?”, she replied, “Some girls who looked like boys. Some had mustaches and beards. I’d be walking to the street and I’d be like, ‘How’d that boy get in here?’ And it was a girl. They’d want to have lunch with me, like a lunch date. Everybody in prison has a business plan. I’d have lunch with them if they were interesting.”

He followed with, “You never saw two girls getting it on?” “Nah,” Stewart said. “Not naked. But there’d be trysts.” Then Stern: “So I guess you have to pleasure yourself in prison.” “You know what,” said Stewart, “five months isn’t a long time.”

Stern: “Have you ever had anything done?”
Stewart: “No.”
Stern: “No boob job?”
Stewart: “No, I think my boobs got bigger.”
Stern: “You’re a D cup, right?”
Stewart: “Nah.”
Stern: “C?”
Stewart: “Yeah.”

As Stern was wrapping up, he advised that the next time Stewart is on the show she go commando. “Wait, are you wearing underwear today?,” he asked. Stewart, without missing a beat, said, “No… bye Howard.”

Wow. Am I falling in love a little bit with Martha Stewart? There's something so awesome when the most "respectable" types (yes, she went to prison, but you know what I mean) turn out to be not as uptight as you'd think. I'm pretty sure I would rather die in car plunged in dark, icy water rather than be interviewed by Howard Stern, so kudos, Martha for being both brave and kind of funny. Well-played, milady. Well-played indeed!

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chepo said...

I would die and go to heaven if you got interviewed by Howard Stern, but only if you answered truthfully. Or called him a douchebag.

BTW I'll be posting a link to the interview later!