Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wild Thing

You just know that any gossip story that includes the phrases "bizarre incident," "the Mounties were summoned," and "a senior citizen [was] slightly injured" is going to be good, so Felt Up is proud to relay this report from People:
Denise Richards was involved in a bizarre incident with paparazzi Wednesday on the Canadian set of her new movie Blonde and Blonder, where laptop computers were hurled and a senior citizen slightly injured, a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tells PEOPLE.

The Mounties were summoned to the movie location at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver, after Richards took issue with the presence of two unauthorized photographers on the set, said Cpl. Peter Thiessen, a media relations officer for the Richmond Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The actress approached the photographers and threw their laptops off the balcony of the hotel, said Thiessen, adding that a computer "struck an 80-year-old women in a wheelchair. It struck her in the arm. She was not interested in pursuing criminal charges and suffered only minor injuries."

Police interviewed both Richards and her costar, Pamela Anderson, about the incident, and the movie production company agreed to pay for the damages to the photographers' computers, according to Thiessen.

As of yet, no charges are being filed. Howard Blank, a representative of the Blonde and Blonder production, said, "No one was seriously injured in any way." He said the events were "getting blown way out of proportion."

Blank added, "As a precaution first aid was called. An ambulance was called, which is also routine. No one was transferred to the hospital at all. Everything is fine."

Richards and cast members were "very upset" about the incident, Blank said, and after filming was halted for an hour it then resumed and continued until 8 in the evening.

Heh. I'm beginning to think that Denise Richards may be more than slightly mad--and not just for marrying and having children with Charlie Sheen. I mean, is this kind of laptop-throwing-onto-old-people-type behavior really a good idea for someone desperately trying to weasel her way back into the public's good graces after brazenly stealing Richie Sambora away from America's Senior Sweetheart, Heather Locklear, her former best friend? Her publicists are probably twisting their heads like Linda Blair in "The Exoricst," trying to spin this story into something not too damaging for their client.

On a related, if somewhat personal, note, I was never that impressed with Ms. Richards' so-called "beauty." She always had a cheap look to me, like she might have ended up in porn if she hadn't lucked into a regular movie career. Plus she is obviously becoming increasingly deranged, and crazy has a way of sucking the pretty right out of a face. I wonder if Charlie Sheen was really as horrible as she said in her divorce filing, or if she is just out of her tiny mind? Perhaps a bit of both, I guesss. Perhaps a bit of both...

Wheelchair riders, beware! Denise Richards is on the loose!

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