Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Now, Why Didn't YOU Think Of That?

Friends of Felt Up know all about her love and admiration for cable tv domestic goddess, Miss Brini Maxwell. Brini had a wonderful retro-chic design, cooking, and entertainment cable tv show called, you guessed it, "The Brini Maxwell Show," which for some reason was yanked from the air after only one season. Oh, how Felt Up wept without her weekly dose of the faintly snarky (there was a Helpful Hint segment each week called "Now, Why Didn't YOU Think of That?")--but always ladylike--Brini and her guidance on the fine art of gracious living! Oh, the bitter tears that were shed when they took glamorous, multi-wigged, flirty-with-firemen Brini away! Brini! BRINI! BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINI!

So imagine Felt Up's joy when her favorite gossip columnist Janet Charlton had a piece on her site yesterday on "What Ever Happened To Brini Maxwell?" Can't you just hear all the "HUZZAHS" that were shouted around Felt Up HQ? It seems that Brini has a podcast on NPR now (!) and her website has vidcasts of her original NYC cable access show, plus all the episodes of "The Brini Maxwell Show," and all kinds of recipes, hints, tips, and delightful tidbits. And if, like Felt Up, you can't get enough Brini, visit her on MySpace here. Put some style in your life the Brini way!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can read your blog at work again! Hurrah!

I love Brini so much I don't mind that she looks better in a bathing suit than I ever have or will.

Terri R.