Sunday, November 26, 2006

Marriage Is A Sacred Truss

Janet Charlton has a delightful tidbit about the faux TomKat nuptials:
Tom was wearing a GIRDLE under his tuxedo at his wedding! In case you haven't noticed, Tom packed on around twenty pounds in the past few months before the big event. He says he's a "nervous eater." And he's had a lot to be nervous about - his exit from Paramount and his high octane marriage. When Tom arrived in Rome, we hear that Giorgio Armani was apoplectic because the wedding tux was too small. Armani personally tended to all the fittings while Tom's pants were let out and various details were adjusted. Tom wanted to look svelte so he didn't protest when Giorgio suggested girdling Tom's midsection so the jacket would fall properly. The corset was sewn into Tom's undergarment. Everyone was sworn to secrecy, but those Armani employees love to gossip, and are we grateful for THAT!

Tee-hee! Between Tom's girdle, Katie's kneeling on a stepladder, the Spice Rack, and the entire Scientology ceremony, was there anything about that wedding based in reality?

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