Sunday, October 29, 2006

Scariest Costume EVER!

I KNOW. YES, it's TRUE that I said I would never speak of that show I used to watch all time (the one that was a contest for clothing designers) ever again, but I am only human. I am not made of stone. I am but flesh and blood! And And I found this article on NPR in which they ask some of the contestents from the past three seasons (but not, thank god, The One Who Shall Not Be Named) to design some Halloween costumes. Nick V. has a "Flava Flav" costume idea, Nora C. has a pirate design, etc. etc. And then I noticed this:

"Wendy Pepper: A Recipe for the Perfect Little Witch"

It's apparently a very easy costume to make. All you do is download the photo below, print it out and attach it to your face:

But seriously, folks, do you think this is Wendy's idea of a little joke? Is she just messing with our minds?

That is all. This show is STILL DEAD TO ME. Dead, I say!

Puh! Phooey! Blech!


Anonymous said...

And, I still hate Wendy.

Anonymous said...

I told you that show sucked!

Wendy is hot.

Just kidding