Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Jeffy Dahmer Experience

When I'm not using my "Jeffy-Won't-Win, Jeffy Won't-Win" mantra, practicing my Far Eastern self-hypnotic breath exercises, or taking some extremely cleansing high colonics--all part of my physical/emotional/psychic preparation for the possibility that Jeffy Dahmer might win "Project Runway" on Wednesday--I am scouring the interweb for scraps of information about My Nemesis.

Sooooo, here's a link to "Project Runway" finalist/possible cheater Jeffy Dahmer's band Lifter on MySpace. Lifter's music is kind of moody and introspective, not at all what you would expect from the self-professed Most Hardcore/Punk/Rock-N-Roll Person This Side Of J. Lo...go figure! I've heard rumors that the song "Swing" (which you can download if you take leave of your senses) will be re-formatted and used for Jeffy's runway show. GOD I HATE HIM SO.

Look for lots of anti-Laura comments from the band's fans/friends, plus photos of a pre-hideous-neck-tattoo Jeffy.

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sparee said...

Pre-neck tattoo... he almost looks human... almost.