Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's Time Once Again For...

Haven't done a blind item in a while, so here goes. From Janet Charlton's Hollywood:
Recently the LAPD conducted yet another dramatic sweep of public restrooms on the west side where gays congregate. Were THEY surprised when their raid nabbed a very famous actor in the wrong place at the wrong time! Some cops were dumbfounded because many of them are fans of this seemingly sraight-arrow guy and he has always supported police work. The cops were almost as embarrassed as HE was. The actor's PR people worked their magic with the police department and the incident was forgotten - until NEXT time.

Well, once again, this could be every single actor in Hollywood, since it seems like they are all gay and "straight-arrow," but I'm going to go with the actor whose name rhymes with Pawn Crabolta. There's just something in the air about him lately that makes it seem like he's one tiny step from coming out of the closet. But what do I know? I'm a mere simple, humble blogette, after all.

Got any better ideas? Funnier rhyming names? Stick 'em in the comments box, por favor!

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking Smevin Lacey...

~ Spare E