Saturday, September 02, 2006

It Would Be Idiocy Not To See "Idiocracy"

Boyfriend of Felt Up Chepo P. and I went to see Mike Judge's new movie "Idiocracy" last night. I had absolutely no expectations about it, since I didn't even know there was a new Mike Judge movie out, and Chepo P. explained that the studio that financed it had shelved it for a while and then not allowed any press screenings, which is always a sign that a studio has a big turd muffin on its hands, so we went into this thing kind of on edge that we might be in for the longest hour and a half of our lives.

Happily, we were instead treated to an hysterically funny movie and laughed our asses off the entire time. Whew! The premise of the movie is that (a pre-puffy) Luke Wilson, "the most average man in the U.S. Army" and Maya Rudolph, a prostitute, are involved in a military experiment in prolongued hibernation that is supposed to last one year, but due to various mix-ups, ends up keeping them in suspended animation for 1,000 years. In the mean time, humanity has gotten dumber and dumber, because the smartest members of the population have reproduced much less rapidly than the least smart. There is a visual depiction of the Descent of Man's IQ using the morphing of the Fuddruckers corporate logo from "Fuddrucker's" to "RuckFuddder's" and finally to "ButtFuckers!". When Luke Wilson wakes up, he eventually discovers that his formally-average IQ is now the highest in the world, and hilarity ensues. REALLY! HILARITY. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants about 10 times. (OK, in the interest of full disclosure, I probably did actually pee my pants at least a little tiny bit, like, you know, uh, maybe once. OK...maybe twice.)

I couldn't believe how much they were able to use actual corporate names--Starbucks and Costco and Carl's Jr., etc.--and to such good effect.

My main complaint is that Maya Rudolph is kind of bland in her role as the hooker--maybe her part was cut down or something, she doesn't get a lot to do. And apparently in the future there are no Asians--maybe this was part of the decline of the IQ of the species in Judge's mind? Hard to say. Also, I found the whole concept so very, very close to our current reality as to be somewhat depressing if you thought about it too hard. But I try not to do that very often (or else I'd risk having to collapse into the fetal position after every presidential press conference). So, overall, a totally laugh-out-loud funny movie. (At least to your humble Felt Up blogette. Don't get mad at me if you hate this movie, though, people, because a) humor is a very subjective thing and b) I AM NOT A MOVIE CRITIC BUT A SIMPLE, HUMBLE, UNPAID BLOGGER.)

Also in its favor--at least from my point of view as an Austinite--is that the whole thing seems to have been shot in Austin; the Austin Convention Center is used as a government building, and it looked to me like they used the new Mueller Airport movie soundstages for a lot of the futuristic sets.

Look for a great cameo by the Handsomest Wilson Brother, Andrew, as a gladiator named Beef Supreme, and also appearances by some of the "Office Space" cast, like Stephen "Milton" Root as a judge, David "Michael Bolton" Herman as a member of the president's cabinet, and Greg "The Give Her My 'O' Face Dude" Pitts as a random guy who helps show that crops are growing towards the end of the movie (his hair is long and his face is puffier so that he is almost unrecognizable.) Also cameos by Thomas Haden Church, a pre-anorexic Sara Rue, and the hipster guy from those "I'm A Mac" commercials, Justin Long.

FYI: There's a little extra bit o' funny at the very end of the credits.

I don't know why Hollywood can't seem to "handle" Mike Judge's live-action movies--I remember wondering why "Office Space" was not pushed harder back when it was released--but just like "Office Space," I predict that "Idiocracy" will eventually find a rabid cult following on DVD and/or on the interweb.

Felt Up gives big HUZZAHS for "Idiocracy"! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Luke Wilson as Private Bower, AKA "Not Sure" and Terry Crews as President Camacho in the presidential motorcade in "Idiocracy."



Reel Fanatic said...

I'm insanely jealous ... it seems that the bozos who control the distribution of actual good movies are only letting this one screen in Austin and our bigger cities ... I'll probably have to wait for DVD, but thanks for the heads up!

porkmuffin said...

i saw this today. fucking genius. pure, pure, genius. i have not laughed that hard in a movie in 5-6 years.