Friday, July 28, 2006

Wet Wipes For Snipes?

Janet Charlton's Hollywood has this juicy lil' nugget o' non-news today:
We were THRILLED to read about Wesley Snipes' sticky sex habits as told by a former lap dancer to the News of the World - because now we feel free to reveal what he does here in the US!

According to the News, he met chatty Fran Murphy while filming his new movie "The Shooter" in Cardiff, Wales.

Among other things, Fran revealed that Wesley happened to have "strawberries and a big jug of chocolate sauce in his hotel room." (That was NO coincidence, my dear.) Fran started to nibble the strawberries but Wesley grabbed the sauce and poured it all over her and licked it off.

Little did she know Wesley has a history of mixing food and sex. Years ago we were told that Snipes was addicted to both barbecue sauce and womens feet! A high priced Hollywood call girl told us that allegedly Wesley had a standing weekly appointment with her and their kinky sessions involved very little sex. He liked to sniff and fondle her high heeled shoes and topped off their dates by smothering her feet in barbecue sauce and licking it off!

Well, gee, I don't know...this all sounds rather sweet to me, but maybe that's just because I love strawberries, chocolate, and barbecue sauce so much...although perhaps not on my stinky old feet. It's in these delicate kinds of situations that your humble Felt Up blogette's European attitude towards bathing gets her in trouble, let me tell you.

Personal Message To Mr. Wesley Snipes: If the situation ever arises where you are about to lick BBQ sauce off an (admitedly super-hot, irresitible) blogette's dainty feet, just be aware that that funny taste you are experiencing is merely the pungent tang of Dr. Scholl's Odor Destroyers Foot Deodorant, all right? It's perfectly harmless, I'm told. Is that a deal-breaker? Some people really like it! Hello?



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