Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time Once More For...

Yes, it's time again to figure out another "blind item"--this time from good ole Janet Charlton:
This sexy actress is a longtime twelve stepper and she's been on and off the wagon for years. She controls her urges best when she faithfully attends AA meetings. Her beautiful young teenage daughter is also an aspiring actress and recently started to get work. But drugs got in the way of her ambition and she landed in AA also. Mother and daughter both attended the same meeting recently and they each shared with the group. Imagine their shock when they discovered they each had a weakness for the same lethal drug: crack. The mother was horrified to realize what her daughter might have inherited from her, besides good looks.

Hmmmm...could it possibly be the formerly "sexy" actress whose name rhymes with Sellanie Piffith--you know, the one who is somehow still married to the actor whose name sounds something like Mantonio Tanderas? Seems like Sellanie has had a driking problem and just might have a daughter who wants to be an actress...but who knows? The actress whose names rhymes with Boozan Abandon has a daughter who acts (she even co-starred with mom in the movie whose title sounds like "The Whanger Tipsters"), and I certainly think Boozan is sexy, but I've never heard she had any substance abuse problems. Oh, what the hell do I know? I am but a simple peasant blogger!

Got any better ideas? Funnier rhymes? Stick 'em in the comments box, along with that crack pipe you've been smokin'.


Angela said...

Those were my first 2 guesses too! It's official, we must be right.

Aimee said...

Hmm...I've never seen a picture of her daughter, but why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the two of them look like they're the same age? Except one has a face like a plastic mask?

Anonymous said...

I think her teenage daughter was Miss Golden Globes either this year or last year. She's not as cute as Melanie was (pre-plastic surgery).

Terri R.