Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Project Runway Crumb To Tide You Over Until Wednesday

Just had to share a lil' tidbit from Salon TV reviewer Heather Havrilesky, whose "I Like To Watch" column contained some thumbnail sketches of the possible villains/crazies on this season of "Project Runway," including this right-on-the-money (and hilarious) evaluation of Angela, The Bubble-Skirted Midwestern Wonder:
A classic Bad News Jane, unable to play nicely with others, Angela is the kind of girl who tags around you on the playground, asking dumb questions, and then pushes you into a mud puddle and tells the whole class you peed in your pants. She spent the second episode whining that her partner, Vincent, was creating a dress that looked like "something I made in college." But for more clues on Angela, feast on this blurb from her bio: "Angela handcrafts each product in her solar-powered studio to reflect the quality of her work and lifestyle, which is unique, vibrant, visionary." Forget fashion, this woman belongs in publicity.

I don't care how much she faux apologizes for her behavior, Angela is still on my crap list! Boo, hiss!

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Anonymous said...

I heart Heather Havrilesky so much! She gives good advice on her blog...

Terri R.