Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Mishmash

Your humble Felt Up blogette had a celebrity sighting last night--huzzah! Boyfriend of Felt Up and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see the Foleyvision presentation of "Hindi Superman," and who should sit down right in front of us? Mr. Quentin Tarantino, who is in town filming his portion of "Grindhouse." He sat down with a voluptuous brunette and drank a soda with his meal. Sadly, co-director Robert Rodriguez did not show up with homewrecking leading lady Rose MacGowan, which would have made the evening a trifecta of gossipy delight. Still, hicks in sticks take what they can get!

In other non-news, the The NY Times dips its dainty toes into the gossip muck today with a piece about the readers--and the new editor--of Marie Claire going off on Ashlee Simpson, after she did a cover article all about how people should be happy with their God-given bodies, and then went off and had her nose chopped off:
Ashlee Simpson appeared on the July cover of Marie Claire magazine extolling the virtues of appreciating one’s body as it is — then she had a nose job.

Ashlee Simpson talked about valuing one’s God-given attributes in the July Marie Claire. Maggie Gyllenhaal is featured in the first issue under full control of the magazine’s new editor.

Marie Claire readers erupted in fury at what they said was Ms. Simpson’s hypocrisy and the magazine’s “cluelessness.” They wrote 1,000 letters in protest to the magazine, according to Joanna Coles, the new editor of the magazine. And she agreed with them.

In the first issue (due Aug. 15) over which she exercises full editorial control, Ms. Coles gives expanded space in the letters column to readers to vent against Ms. Simpson. Ms. Coles adds in a note: “We’re dazed and confused — and disappointed — by her choice, too!”

The accompanying photos show the Ashlee cover--all tacky and orange and Cosmo-y--under the old editor, contrasted with the new Maggie Gyllenhaal cover under new editor Coles, which looks more like Jane-meets-Harper's Bazaar. I don't necessarily think of Marie Claire as a "thinking woman's" magazine, but it does seem a tad classier than many other crappy it always has a horribly depressing article about women in some third world country getting sold by their families into sex slavery, returning home to be pariahs, getting gang-raped by neighboring villagers, and then stoned to death for being unclean. Followed by sex tips, the latest wedge shoes, and an in-depth look at Botox vs. laser treatments.

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The thing about Ahslee Simpson's nose job is that she had it done after she got famous. Why didn't her dad make her get one before? She went from a recognizable face to an un unrecognizable face. If her new photos didn't say "Ashlee Simpson" under them, I would have no idea who she was! Not since Jennifer Grey's post-"Dirty Dancing" nosejob has a person so radically changed their appearance while in the public eye. (Obviously, I am not counting hideous visages such as those belonging to Meg Ryan and Faye Dunaway, mainly because they were trying to look younger, and also because the mere mention of them is enough to give me nightmares for weeks. Oh, right. I just did mention them. AAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!)

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And finally, a juicy blind item from Janet Charlton's Hollywood:
This pretty actress has had a remarkably successful career in Hollywood - from TV to independent films. She met the man of her dreams and he happens to be one of the sexiest leading men onscreen. His chiseled physique makes all his movies memorable. She married him without realizing he changed his name to cover up his unsavory history. The guy had a drug problem, has spent time in prison, and there were child abuse charges involved. He was hustler on Santa Monica Blvd when he arrived in Hollywood and one of the men he slept with helped him get his first break. He clicked onscreen and never looked back. His sweet actress wife knows nothing of his past, and he hopes she never finds out.

As usual, this sounds like everyone in Hollywood to me, except for the "TV to independent films" bit. Any ideas on who this could be? Leave them in the comments box!


backwoods madam said...

Well, Ms. Simpson really does need some help, but more help than what she thinks a nose job can do for her! She was recently scheduled to perform at the Toledo Zoo (yes, that's right. . .the Toledo Zoo!) and she cancelled at the last minute due to some unknown illness. Well, her fans (or should I say FORMER fans) didn't like that one bit, especially since she was sited at a Toledo mall shopping her little heart out and looking ever so healthy! If the truth be known, ticket sales for her zoo event were selling slow at best and most think she just wasn't going to perform to a small crowd at a zoo! Local radio stations have now refused to play any of her music until she reschedules and many of her former fans burned their tickets instead of taking a refund. Yes, this girl needs more help than any nose job can do for her! Maybe she was just afraid of the lions and tigers and bears . . . oh MY!!!

Lucinda said...

Re: the blind item, just a guess, but is Seven Taken considered chiseled? Is his wife considered pretty?

jennifer said...

The two main guesses on the Janet Charlton message board were the actor whose name does indeed rhyme with Seven Taken (his wife's name sounds like Mira Hedgewick)---or the actor whose name is similar to Momas Lane (whose wife is Emmy winner Fatricia Barquette.) Funnily enough, both wives went from movies to tv, not the other way around, which is what I had been thinking...

Backwoods Madam: What I cannot stand is how Ashlee got her career back after the lip-syching/Orange Bowl booing incidents. The nosejob is just icing on a very yucky cake. Boo, hiss!

backwoods madam said...

You are absolutely right, Jennifer! I think Ms. Simpson should just pack it up and take it home. . . and stay there!

Oh Jennifer! I just LOVE your style of writing! Sizzle!!!!