Monday, July 31, 2006


CNN reports that anti-Semitic-ranter/boozehound/sugar-tit-caller Mel Gibson has entered into the inevitable rehab program:
Academy Award winning actor-director Mel Gibson entered a rehab program after his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, his publicist said Monday.

"He has entered into an ongoing program of recovery," said the publicist, Alan Nierob.

Harrumph. I'm not impressed, although I suppose career-wise he had no choice but to enter a 12-step program to get himself off the sauce; I just wonder if there's some kind of rehab he can enter for his hate-mongering crackpottery, sexist nutjobbery, and anti-Semitic looney-tunism?

Take a gander at his awesome mug shot--but be careful. Don't look too long at his craaaaazy eyes!

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Amazing what 20 some-odd years of insanity, alcoholism, and superstardom can do to a man. Compare the above oddly pervy-looking creep with this picture of Mel in his "Gallipoli" days, when he was a fresh-faced, handsome young actor with his whole future (and many, many terrible movies) ahead of him:

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Speaking of Mel, there is a great article in today's Slate called "Is Mel Gibson An Anti-Semite?" by Christopher Hitchens (who is no stranger to the lure of the bottle himself). Hitchens does not exactly have to wrestle very long with this question before he concludes:
It has been obvious for some time to the most meager intelligence that he is sick to his empty core with Jew-hatred.

Heh! This piece is part of Slate's front page slew of articles about The Gibson Affair, including handy guides to his arrest/meltdown, his level of drunkeness, and possible career repercussions--it's a veritable Melapalooza!

Plus, there's a plea on The Huffington Post from super-agent Ari Emmanuel--who was the model for Jeremy "I Found Inner Peace By Doing Outdoor Yoga On My Spiritual Journey To India" Piven's character on "Entourage," Ari Gold--for Hollywood to blackball ole Mel:
People in the entertainment community, whether Jew or gentile, need to demonstrate that they understand how much is at stake in this by professionally shunning Mel Gibson and refusing to work with him, even if it means a sacrifice to their bottom line.

Huzzahs for Ari Emmanuel! Hug it out!

Yes, Mel may be in his own private hell right now, but your humble Felt Up blogette is in heaven!

Please, allmighty Yahweh, please, I beseech thee: Let the Mel-bashing last just a lil' while longer, for it fills my heart with pure, blessed joy! Shalom!


Scrubs & Shines said...

Well the media is having a field day with this story, especially the Jewish owned media. Yesterday I said to S.M.E , "enough already" Are they not flogging this story way too much? The guy was a total baboon driving and drinking and giving the police a hassle during his arrest, and that he should be punished severely. But his bad taste comments about Jews? Come on people , give me a break, The guy was pissed and a raving lunatic which explains his raving anti Semitic remarks. But dose anyone take a drunken blithering idiots remarks to heart? If you do then you must have a lot of respect for all drunken blithering idiots who rant. This drunken episode of M.G. does not remove an ounce of his accomplishments in film and humanity and I salute him for his good work. He has a dark side it seems though, what a surprise his shit stinks and he's human too. He's messed his bed, now he has to make it under the heavy hand of the law. His anti Jew comments I'll sweep under the bed and forget it. Now if only the media would get back on track and report the world events instead of flogging this trashy story.

jennifer said...

"Trashy story"? Dude, are you even aware what blog you are commenting on?

What exactly would those "accomplishments in film and humanity" be, pray tell?

Only people who are already leaning towards anti-Semitism find this acceptable behavior, Mr. "Jew Owned Media."

backwoods madam said...

You tell 'em girlfriend!!