Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Just An Old-Fashioned Girl

Sigh. From the Why Don't I Have A High-Paying Job, Like, Say, Call Girl? File:

Yes, tomorrow night right here in Austin, one can experience an intimate evening with the one and only EARTHA KITT--including a sumptuous meal and cocktails--for only $175. For a few extra clams, one gets a "themed" table, ringside seats, and face-time with Eartha!

And nobody told me there was such a thing as the Austin Cabaret Theatre! Why wasn't I informed? Someday I plan to turn Felt Up into a cabaret act, with your humble blogette swathed in jewels, gowns, furs, and a turban. A few songs, a few laughs...maybe even a few tears. I'm working on my husky scotch voice as we speak!

I have to go and sob into my pillow now...

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