Friday, July 14, 2006

At Least I Posted Something!

There's no good gossip today, but if you're dying for some bathroom reading, I did post a couple of rants about tv commercials on my MySpace blog. If you already read those, well, I'm sorry. I am not God, people, I do not create gossip; I merely steal it from other web sites. Alas, today there is nothing to steal. Like Michaelangelo said, "Iffa there is a no clay, I cannota make-a."

Speaking of artistes, here is a recent painting from The Gallery of The Absurd for your viewing pleasure:

It's from a Star Magazine "Stars: Normal or Not Normal?" layout, in which Mickey Rourke was deemed "not normal" for his ginormous pompadour. I must say, Star, that Mickey's hair is the least of his "not normal" qualities, and bless all of 'em, every one!

Keep your fingers crossed that next week will bring plenty of clay...How I long for the glory days of Mariah Carey's breakdown. That was a golden time, and sadly, may never be repeated...

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