Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whither The Real Catfights of Yore?

This story is making the ole rounds this's the version from The NY Daily News:
Sometimes don't you wish there was a principal who could suspend Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton?

The high-school catfight between the two international celebrities escalated Friday at a private Prince concert — with Sean (Diddy) Combs in a cameo role.

Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Jade Jagger, Petra Nemcova and Brian Grazer were among the other VIPs who squeezed into the club Butter's main room for an impromptu jam by the fastidious funkster. But Lohan couldn't keep her mind on His Purpleness when she spotted Hilton.

As you know, Hilton, 25, has been hissing at Lohan, 19, since she found out the "Prairie Home Companion" actress has been hanging out with the hotel heiress' ex Stavros Niarchos. The poison became more concentrated when Paris laughed at Brandon Davis' lewd taunt at Lohan at an L.A. club. (Despite his apology to Lohan, the oil heir wore a "Team Firecrotch" T-shirt last week before he checked into rehab.)

"Lindsay followed Paris to the bathroom," a witness tells us. "They had a huge fight."

After having words, Lohan returned to her table to find that hip-hop mogul Diddy had been seated with her group. She kidded with him, asking what he was doing at her table.

"He didn't realize she was joking," says a source, "and he then yelled at her and told her to get out."

Diddy "was really mean to her," says another source, who claims one of Puffy's bodyguards lifted up Lindsay, and the rapper himself got into a scuffle with a Lohan pal who defended her.

Bouncers eventually "moved Lindsay out of the booth," says a source. Outside, Lohan vented to Butter owners Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva, allegedly demanding Diddy be ejected.

Lohan's posse moved on to Aer and then to Bungalow 8, where, according to a source, "Paris was at one table and Lindsay at another. There was kind of a standoff who was going to leave first."

Sigh. First of all, I kind of get violent and enraged when I hear about these "impromptu VIP" Prince concerts in tiny clubs with six tables that P-Hole Hilton gets to attend. Also, unless these Lohan/Hilton encounters start escalating into full-blown hair-pulling catfights and/or an honest-to-God dance-off, then I can't get too excited. Shouting in the bathroom? Yawn. Plus, anything having to do with Diddy bores me to tears--although I do love the fact that Lindsay claims she was "joking" when she accuesd him of stealing her table. Like she didn't have a complete diva cow. HA!

Other than all that, this is a great gossip item. Sadly, that's as good as it gets this morning.


On the upside, however, for some unfathomable reason, ABC News has a "Before and After" photo slideshow of actors who have gotten bloated and puffy over the years. Although the inclusion of two Baldwins seems a little unsporting--like shooting two extremely zaftig fish in a barrel--and they should've included Jimmy Fallon (my god, did anyoone see him on the MTV Movie Awards? he looked like someone who'd been floating facedown in a pool for a week) and formerly cute/currently puffed-up John Cusack, it's still a pleasant enough way to kill some time on a slow non-news day...

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