Thursday, June 29, 2006

Updated: The End Of Star Jones' Reign Of Terror

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Yee-ha! There has been a flurry of activity today in the wake of Star Jones' less-than-elegant departure from "The View" and the subsequent public and much-needed bitch-slapping she received in the press from Barbara Walters, and since Felt Up loves to hate the Starzilla as much as the next guy, here's a round-up of the latest info:

Today Gawker reported that Star already has her own personal "All About Eve" situation developing, now that a newer, younger, cuter Star has already been installed on the show (for the time being):
It took just one day for Barbara Walters to replace Star Jones — temporarily, at least.

Today the ladies brought out Renee Elise Goldsberry, who’s kind of like Jones but better: still black, merely plays a lawyer on One Life to Live, and is soup-thin rather than soup-pooping-thin.

It’s Goldsberry’s third time hosting the show, but her first time acting as the minority glue that’s holding the place together.

It’s also the first time co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck didn’t look scared for her life.

Renee Elise "Eve" Goldsberry

Then the NY Daily News ran a delicious story under the fabulous headline "The Claws Finally Come Out," in which Star lashes out like a large feral cat backed into a corner:
There is no love lost between Barbara Walters and Star Jones Reynolds of 'The View.'
Star Jones Reynolds has launched a bitter counterattack after Barbara Walters sensationally dissed her on yesterday's edition of "The View."

In an exclusive interview with the Daily News, the TV diva fought back after the show's creator said she felt let down, and that she was no longer welcome on set.

"For Barbara to say she felt betrayed is the height of hypocrisy," Jones Reynolds said last night.

Walters, who opened yesterday's show with the remark: "And then there were three," told viewers she was surprised when Jones Reynolds interrupted Tuesday's broadcast to say she was quitting.

"We gave her time to look for another job and hoped that she would announce it on this program and leave with dignity," said Walters, confirming Jones Reynolds' contract for a 10th season had not been renewed.

"But Star made another choice."...

Jones Reynolds recalled the April 21 phone call from her agents telling her she was being dropped from "The View."

"Barbara did not call me herself," she said, bitterly. "After nine years, she didn't call me. They told me my contract would not be renewed because my approval rating had gone down. ... I was like, whoa!"

She claimed producers had previously assured her that her job was safe when she challenged them about replacement rumors.

"I came to work every day. I held my head up. I operated in grace and dignity," she explained. "I knew since April but I still came to work."

Yes, if there are two things Star Jones is known for, it's "grace" and "dignity." Along with "freebie hound," "sham marriage," "stupefying tackiness," and "shameless self-promotion."

And Defamer noted yesterday that ABC had already elimated Star from "The View"'s opening credits and the show's web page:
Like a crack team of road pavers steamrolling over every last Star Jones-shaped lump in the asphalt, ABC is to be commended at how quickly and efficiently they managed to erase any memory of the undignified former co-host from all official materials.

Today's opening credits on The View featured neither her image nor her name, and now, as the Us Blog points out, the View website has performed yet another surgical reduction procedure on Jones.

I guess we won't have Star Jones Reynolds to kick around anymore, at least as far as ABC morning shows are concerned. However, hold onto your butts, because Janet Charlton mentioned today that:
Now Star Jones Reynolds is free to pursue her dream of becoming a MOVIE STAR!

You might not remember, but Star made a guest appearance on the Lifetime series Strong Medicine a few years back and she was DEVOURED by the acting bug.

Star figured if Oprah can act, she could too. Sadly, her boss Barbara Walters doused her acting aspirations - pointing out that Star could "lose credibility as a TV journalist and legal expert."

And that was THAT. Star had to put her passion to act on the back burner.

After her huge weight loss the idea of acting became even more plausible, but Ms Walters always stood in her say. Now she's FREE to give Hollywood a try, and we bet hubby Al is already packing his bags for Beverly Hills.

Hmmmm....I'll let you digest that nugget o' info for a second or two...

...OK, I'm back. Ready to go on? No? Not quite able to face the world? Try deep, cleansing breaths! In with the good air! Out with the bad thoughts of Star Jones Reynolds as a movie star!

Still not able to function properly? Well, go ahead and maintain that fetal position for a little while longer, or at least until Star's very special appearance on "Larry King Live" tonight at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central. She'll be taking your calls!

Now if we can just figure out a way to get her off the mother-pluckin' red carpet...

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