Monday, June 12, 2006

She Didn't Lose A Leg, She Gained An Arms Dealer!

Just when your humble Felt Up blogette was about to despair that the only gossip being peddled around this morning was a story about dolphins attacking Jessica Alba on the set of "Flipper" a decade ago (see "STARS SEE DOLPHINS' DARK SIDE" if you're interested), lo and behold came this delightful headline from across the pond:

'Heather was a high-class hooker paid thousands'

Yes, it seems that poor one-legged gold-digger Heather "Soon To Be The Ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney" Mills not only posed for a dirty Teutonic book back in the go-go '80s, she also was a callgirl for wealthy Arab tycoons and interntational arms dealers livin' large in London. Huzzah!

From The Daily Mail, here's a rather long excerpt from the even longer article, but read on if you like hearing about orgies, buffets, and "greasy" Arab princes. And really, who doesn't?
Heather Mills was fighting to salvage her reputation yesterday after an onslaught of revelations, including sensational claims that she worked as a high-class prostitute.

The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney was in frantic talks with her lawyers after two former vice-girls said she was paid thousands of pounds a night for having sex with wealthy Arab businessmen.

An ex-aide to a Saudi-born arms dealer also claimed to have handed over around £6,400 in cash to Miss Mills after she took part in sex sessions with his boss.

The claims are a devastating blow to Miss Mills who separated from the former Beatle last month after four years of marriage.

They come just days after pictures of her posing naked for a pornographic German book called Die Freuden Der Liebe (The Joys of Love) were unearthed...

Former escort girl Petrina Montrose claimed Miss Mills was one of three women hired to take part in an orgy with an Arab prince. Miss Montrose said she and Miss Mills had been told to go to the five-star Dorchester hotel, in Central London.

Miss Montrose, who is now 37 and lives in Essex, said: "It was a really lavish affair. There was a buffet of Lebanese food and Ashley [the madam] was already there with a group of about six working girls, including Heather.

"The prince was tall and greasy and I wanted to leave but I knew that to get my money I'd have to have sex with anyone in the room who picked me. Still, Heather was bubbling over with enthusiasm."

Miss Montrose said she was eventually summoned to the prince's bedroom to find two other women were already there naked - including Miss Mills.

When the orgy finished "Heather made no attempt to put her clothes on" she told the News of the World.

"Instead she started parading naked around the room, trying to impress the prince even more." Miss Montrose said she was paid £1,000 for her night's work.

Abdul Khoury, who claims to have been arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi's private secretary from 1977 until last year, said one of his responsibilities was to look after prostitutes for Mr Khashoggi, once listed as the world's richest man.

He told the News of the World: "One [of the prostitutes] was Heather Mills who I know had sex with him on a number of occasions in return for money," he was quoted as saying.

He described one occasion in 1988 when Miss Mills was flown out to meet Mr Khashoggi at his villa in Marbella, Spain.

"She was booked to attend a party with another lady. I arranged their flight tickets from London and met them personally," he said.

"The day after the party I took Heather and her companion… to see Mr Khashoggi. Before they left, Mr Khashoggi called me in and asked me to count out two amounts of £2,000 to put the money into envelopes and to give them to each of the girls.

"Sometimes Mr Khashoggi would make comments to me about the girls he paid to have sex with him.

"In Heather's case I remember his remark that she had soft skin. And was very athletic in bed. Mr Khashoggi was always very pleased with Heather's performance."

According to Mr Khoury, Miss Mills had at least four other meetings with Mr Khashoggi.

These took place in luxury hotels in London during the early 1990s. After each occasion, she was paid $2000 in cash.

Oh, there's more. Lots more. "Girlie scenes" for Saudi royalty, pre-wedding putdowns of Sir Paul's musical talents, dropped towels, dirty books--the list goes on and on. All the sleaze you can handle, right here.

One does wonder about the timing of all this. Surely all these ex-callgirls and former naughty models recognized Ms. Mills long ago. Did Paul spread around some big Beatles bucks to put the kibosh on the stories when they first got together? Did he spread even more around to unleash the gossip to help ensure she doesn't get a big chunk of his wealth in the divorce settlement? Did he ever envision that when he actuallly turned 64, he'd be married to a one-legged alleged whore who would drive his children away, make him get plastic surgery, force him to die his hair a supremely unnatural-looking dark brown, and make him a laughing-stock? Stay tuned!

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