Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fly-Over States Have Celebrity Encounters, Too!

Friend of Felt Up Sarah had an amusing encounter with none other than Ashlee "Daddy's New Lil' Sweetheart" Simpson in Houston recently. It seems that Ms. Simpson had some trouble figuring out those high-falutin', newfangled motion-sensor paper towel dispensers in the restroom of Chuy's (a kitschy Tex-Mex restaurant that got its start here in Austin), and Sarah stepped in before Ashlee could do an embarrasing jig and blame her backing band and/or acid reflux disease for her predicament. Good going, Sarah!

Read all the gory details in Sarah's Myspace blog. And here's the photographic evidence:

I'm pretty sure Sarah is the one on the right, although Ashlee is almost unrecognizable with her new face! I bet Jessica is about ready to eat her own fist at this ongoing metamorphosis. HA!

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